Personal Medical Alarm

Medical alarms are an an essential life safety device for independent seniors. The alarm console ( pictured left ) is connected to our trained central station operators 24 hrs/day for immediate emergency response. Simply pressing a pendant which is worn around the neck or wrist connects the medical alarm console with a live operator. The nature of the emergency can be discussed and the appropriate personnel ( EMT/ambulance, relative or friend ) is dispatched. Some uncomfortable or embarrassing situations encountered by individuals do not always require emergency personnel to respond and are better suited to a trusted relative or friend who will be called by the operator. In the event that the pendant is pressed the connected operator has the ability to “listen in” to the room and communicate with the subscriber much like you would with a speaker phone. Emergency services are summoned in the event that the operator is not able to communicate with a subscriber.

The Medical Alarm console has many built in features which add to safety and security:

  • Audio Communications - An authorized individual may call the Console twice from any touchtone telephone and activate two-way voice communications by keying in a four-digit password after placing the second call.
  • Reminder Messages – Pre-recorded messages may be played at scheduled time to remind individuals to take medication etc.
  • Activity Timer – The Medical Alarm console can monitor for a lack of physical activity within the dwelling. In the event that a specified amount of time has elapsed without movement the console will automatically connect to the central station operator.
  • Built in Speaker Phone - The Console can be programmed to act as a remote controlled "speaker phone". With the speaker phone mode enabled, the Console will monitor the telephone line for an incoming call. Activating any emergency transmitter (or the Consoler's HELP button) while the telephone is ringing will cause the Console to seize the line and begin speaker phone communications. Activating any emergency transmitter (or HELP button) during the call will disconnect the line.
  • Smoke Detectors / Motion Detectors – These devices can be added to the Medical Alarm Console to dispatch authorities in the event of a fire or security event.
  • Battery Back Up – In the event of a power outage, the Medical Alarm Console will continue to operate.

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